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This work aims to make a proposal for a management model based on a marketing plan, thanks to which the company Johnson Royal ​Builders  improve your sales, service, offer and customer relationship processes. Based on market analysis, the company's value proposition, its strengths and future projections, in order to generate value for the company, its partners and customers.

Architecture and infrastructure

We focus on the development, planning and creation of contemporary and innovative spaces


At Praxo we know that the technological requirements for infrastructure are critical and the basis for all areas associated with the project. not only the areas to be treated intervene, even the structures in the project must be considered.


Residential structures are exclusively for housing people and to help with daily activities. The best known residential structure is the house, however there are more scales of residential structures; for example, things that are only separated by the wall, that is, they are found together; condominiums and apartments. They are considered as medium-scale residential constructions where several families settle. In addition, the skyscrapers are large in scale where multiple family structures of a residential type are installed.

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